Funeral Flowers

Whether you are making your own plans, or arranging funeral flowers for a family member or friend, the following may make your decision making process a little easier:

• Is there a favourite flower or colour you could choose?
• Is there a theme to the funeral that would influence
  your choice such as a colour or time of year?
• Is there a hobby or interest that could be incorporated
  such as the colours of a football team?
• Are family members thinking about a specific colour
  scheme or funeral flower?

As far as funeral arrangements are concerned, again there are a number of different options available:

• Casket Spray – arranged by close family, these are typically doubled ended sprays that are placed on the coffin
• Sprays and Sheaves – can be placed in a stand. Hand tied sheaves are good if you are looking for something more natural
• Wreaths – the more traditional circular arrangement
• Hearts and Cushions – perhaps a more sentimental arrangement
• Posies and Baskets – traditional or contemporary. Posies are usually circular and therefore can be viewed from all angles

• Special tributes – includes letter tributes usually arranged by families

If the funeral is for you or your family, you may also want to give some thought to where the flowers should go once the funeral is over. Although some people choose to take them home or lay them on the grave, others prefer them to go to a local hospital, nursing home or organisation. These days some people choose to make a donation to charity instead of arranging funeral flowers

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