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Here at The Coffin Company our focus and mission is to provide exceptional quality and service when providing funeral products throughout the UK.

Traditionally the only source for coffins to the public would be a funeral director. However in recent years this has changed. In a recent consumer poll provided by Martin Lewis of ‘Money Saving Expert’ results showed that over 70% of consumers would purchase a coffin online. Today, we can make this possible from the comfort of your home or office as you can now choose from over 2000 products online and we’ll arrange delivery to your home or chosen funeral director.

The key advantage of buying coffins direct is a greater choice of coffin than offered by most funeral directors, and you have the additional time to review other options before making a final choice.

We a confident that we show a great deal of care and attention to provide the requirements you need when arranging a funeral. Furthermore, to support our excellent knowledge and discrete service we offer professional help and advice tailored to your personal requirements.

Not affiliated to any funeral company we can provide unbiased help and advice in that time of need. The most important element in mind is you.

All our bespoke coffins are carefully designed by hand and all the materials involved are environmentally friendly.

We have a wide range of beautiful designs and styles of coffins and caskets which can be used for Burials or Cremation.

Continually striving to keep our prices as low as possible together with no credit card charges, our open pricing policy helps protect you against funerals being pricey and confusing.

Our very efficient and professional team would be delighted to be of assistance to you, all who show the commitment so important in order to provide help, support and advice when required.

Please read our Testimonials reflecting only some of the grateful people who have chosen to write to us.

Choose from a wide range of quality products with exceptional levels of service. If you require any help or information please do not hesitate to speak with one of our friendly team by simply calling

01670 - 943143

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