Types of Funerals

A funeral is a ceremony marking a person's death and, increasingly often, celebrating their life and achievements too.

Never before have there been so many different types of funeral. Depending on an individual's cultural background, personal preferences, religious beliefs, budget and environmental choices, a wide range of religious and civil funeral choices are possible.

Many people are surprised to know that there are very few legal constraints on their choice of funeral. Within a few generations, we've moved from the strict formality of the traditional 'all black' Victorian funeral to a new order where almost anything goes - from formal and heavily religious church services to simple New Age burials in wicker coffins amidst sustainable private woodland.

In this section, we'll cover burial or cremation, several types of funeral and some of the main beliefs associated with them:



Green Funerals

Alternative Funerals

Military Funerals

Living Funerals


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