The Coffin Company Pricing - How we do it!

The Coffin Company Pricing - How we do it!

It's funny, we set out to offer the best value, price and quality on the Internet to save our customers money on coffins and caskets (and all our products for that matter), and some people are concerned because our prices are too low. That may be why you clicked to this page – to find out how we do it. Let us explain:

First and foremost, we have not and never will cut corners or quality.

No distributor costs or mark-ups. We ship directly to you or your chosen funeral director. No middlemen. That means a cost savings of anywhere between 20% and 50%.

No retail stores or outlets. The Coffin Company has no overhead costs for a retail establishment and no ‘retail’ mark-ups. That means an additional savings.

See how the savings start adding up? But we’re not done …

Efficient operations means cost reductions. We’ve invested in the most up-to-date computer systems to eliminate paperwork and streamline our operations … in the office, in the workshop and with our vendors. This efficiency adds another 12% to 15% percent in cost reduction.

Our Mission. And finally, our goal is to assist you in lowering your expenditures. Yes, we operate to make a profit, but our goal is to work on lower margins and make the difference up in volume. Not only that, but we don’t rely on any one product like some of our competitors. We have a variety of services to offer and so we are not reliant on any one kind of sale to make money.

Our Quality. So what do we do with our savings? We pass them on to you in a variety of ways. Lower pricing. Plus a wide selection of products, services and choices. We purchase only the best metals, woods, textiles and raw materials; and rely the best craftsmen and staff available.

The Result? Lower costs to you. Excellent customer service. Caring people. Our Coffins, Caskets, Urns and other products that are second to none in quality, price or satisfaction ... so purchase with confidence and enjoy the savings.

Customers too! We believe that an educated customer is a powerful and loyal customer … it’s why we go into great detail and explanation on our web site about everything and anything you need to know or want to know about the funeral, cremation or burial process. Have more questions? Visit our Testimonial section, call one of our friendly team on 01670 943143, or click here and email one of our friendly team.

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