Bespoke Coffins

 Here at “The Coffin Company” we work with individuals, families and funeral directors to produce uniquely personal and bespoke coffin designs that celebrate the life of a special person and provide, what many of our customers have termed, a 'last celebration'.

All of our bespoke coffins are carefully designed by hand and all the materials involved are environmentally friendly.

We offer a free personalisation service and can add a memorable saying, name or dates to all of our designs. All these discount coffins are available with free delivery.

Alternatively, we can interpret your ideas to create a completely new coffin design.

For a small additional cost we can create a truly personal and unique design for your coffin. For example, you may want to use football team coffins, flag coffins or our special colour coffins... With our creative studio the possibilities are endless.

Commissioning a unique personal design couldn’t be easier. Please contact us for free impartial advice about your coffin requirements and translate your initial instructions into a completely individual design.

Our experienced team will assist you when selecting a coffin and explain the details, construction and finishing options available to you.
Our coffin range is supplied primarily by a local British family business. We deliberately avoid the use of wood preparations and finishes on our coffins that are harmful to the environment. Buying a coffin direct saves you money and allows more choice. We offer the facility to make a funeral a celebration of your loved ones life and free advise on the facilities of a Funeral.

We stock a huge selection of coffins that are manufactured using natural plant fibres such as wicker/willow coffins. All in different designs, natural and cheap.

Our extensive range of solid and veneer coffins come in a variety of different timbers. We also provide coffins made from different materials and in painted finishes that are available to your specification.

An engraved name plate of the loved one is usually attached to the lid of the coffin. We are happy to discuss with you the selection of religious symbols such as a cross or crucifix, or non-religious symbols such as a rose, or symbols used in the funeral of persons of non-Christian fait

The Coffin Company” makes eco-friendly coffins - guaranteed to make a graveside fashion statement. We offer prices to suit your budget, whether an affordable coffin or an expensive coffin. We offer free advice.

As well as the mundane wood or wicker coffin, customers can opt for a hand painted coffin, football coffin, flag coffin to carry them into the next life.

“The Coffin Company” decided to start the business after realising no one else was making coffins that reflected people's passions and personalities. We offer more choice, discounted coffins with free delivery and no credit card charges. Buy direct coffins and cut out the middle man.

Simply call us on 01670 943143

Alternatively email us on

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