Your Guide to Choosing Keepsake Urns

Bereavement is a personal and sometimes difficult journey to endure. This is no more so true than when the deceased is a much-loved family member. Keepsake urns provide the opportunity for all remaining family members to share in the grief of the passing of a loved one. They offer a starting point from which each family member can find their own route to closure, helping them to come to terms with the death of the deceased and to move on with their own lives.

What Are Keepsake Urns?

Keepsake urns are small urns capable of holding a proportion of the cremains / ashes of the deceased. They can be purchased individually or as a set of keepsake urns, enabling each family member to hold a part of the cremains. It is recommended that if keepsake urns are to be used that each keepsake urn be passed to the funeral director before cremation takes place. One further point to note is that the cubic capacity of keepsake urns varies substantially. The smallest type of keepsake urn can only hold the equivalent displacement of 2 cubic inches; a larger keepsake urn on the other hand may have a displacement volume of up to 70 cubic inches. You should therefore check with your funeral director to insure that your keepsake urn is of sufficient size.

Types of Keepsake Urns

There are many different types of keepsake urns available to purchase online. These range from handcrafted cast brass keepsake urns that can be personalized with engraving, through to high quality wooden keepsake urns and highly decorative crystal keepsake urns that may double as pieces of art in your own home.

Keepsake urns are also extremely useful should several family members wish to participate in the scattering of the cremains. By sharing the ashes of the deceased among an assortment of keepsake urns, each family member can actively contribute to the scattering from their own keepsake urn - a process that often helps surviving family members to move on with their lives

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