Your Guide to Choosing Infant Urns

The loss of a child is a life shattering experience. Little can prepare you for the emotional trauma suffered in such circumstances or for the physical and mental pain of adjustment in the aftermath. 'Letting go' after death is often the most challenging situation you will ever face. Many people in this position find that an infant urn, in which the child's ashes are placed, can help them through their grief and guide them to a place in time where they feel able to 'let go' and move on with their lives.

Types of Infant Urns

There are many types of infant urns available to purchase online. Designed to memorialize children of all ages, infant urns are suitable for babies and toddlers. For the very young nursery-style infant urns are available. These include infant urns in the shape of a child's building block on which nursery objects are depicted, and infant urns in the shape of a teddy bear.

For older children, a number of infant urn designs are available with distinctive infant urns for both boys and girls. These infant urns include angular box designs generally constructed of wood or sheet bronze, as well as traditional 'urn-style' infant urns in metal and ceramic materials.

The death of a child is very difficult to overcome. In an infant urn the bereaved often find comfort in mourning, as well as a pathway to remembrance in later years. In the meantime, may an infant urn provide you with an icon of stability in what is a turbulent and emotional time.

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