Your Guide to Choosing Companion Urns

In life, people pledge themselves to be with each other forever. When they die what could be more natural than to honour that pledge? Companion urns are designed for this very reason. Comprised of two compartments or one large compartment in which the cremated remains of each individual may be placed, companion urns insure that the love both of the deceased shared for each other in life will continue in eternity.

Types of Companion Urns

When buying companion urns online, buyers will find an extensive array of companion urns from which to make their selection. Some of the most popular types of companion urns are formed from cast bronze using the artist's lost wax method. These companion urns are sculpted reliefs depicting familiar items and scenes, the bronze having been darkened by the use of patina applied to the surface. One of the most poignant cast bronze companion urns available online is a companion urn depicting a happy couple seated on a garden bench.

Wooden companion urns are suitable for the creation of demure memorials. Sourced from renewable forests, wooden companion urns are constructed from a number of hardwoods and softwoods such as oak and cherry. Should interment of a wooden companion urn be chosen then it is highly recommended that the companion urn be placed inside a burial vault. By doing so the bereaved are guaranteed that the companion urn will be safeguarded against degradation in the soil.

Companion urns enable two people to remain together forever through the passage of time. They make for a befitting memorial in which the deceased can share each sunrise and sunset in everlasting peace, just as they would have wanted in life.

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