Your Guide to Choosing Brass Urns

Selecting a brass urn as a symbol through which to memorialize the life of those who are no longer with us is a time-honoured custom. For thousands of years brass urns have been used in this way, and so they have come to represent meaningful values in life. Trust, integrity and strength of character are all values associated with brass, the strength and durability of the brass material itself contributing to this perception of the most traditional of all urns.

What is Brass?

Brass is a metal alloy. Its chief component is copper - a soft malleable metal that is not suitable for the creation of urns when used on its own. When tin is added to copper to form the alloy, the metal hardens and changes colour. This process transforms copper into what we recognize as brass. It is a much tougher and hard-wearing type of metal than copper and has been used to create everything from bronze statues of Greek Gods to brass urns for burial. In fact, so enduring is brass that brass urns and other brass artifacts that are more than 3000 years old are being discovered in pristine condition by archaeologists in Europe today. This really does speak volumes about the everlasting quality of brass urns.

Types of Brass Urns

Today, there are essentially two types of brass urns available to purchase - sculpted and cast brass urns.

Sculpted brass urns are decorative urns that are sculpted from solid brass using the artist's lost wax method. This allows the brass urn to take on a more 'artistic' feel, the urn being shaped into sculptures depicting scenes such as dolphins on the crest of a wave. A patina finish is generally applied to the brass urn to give it a darkened appearance.

Cast brass urns tend to take on a more angular box-like appearance. This type of brass urn is constructed from solid brass sheets, affording it a shiny golden surface suitable for engraving. Cast brass urns are often brushed or painted to enhance their finish.

Regardless of which type of brass urn is chosen, they bring dignity and honour to any memorial garden or cemetery in which they are placed. Brass urns are the traditional choice of urn whose popularity has never faded.

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