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It is the one major expense we will all have to meet – hopefully later rather than sooner – although it will be down to somebody else to settle the bill. At “The Coffin Company” our goal is to save you money, give you more choice at what can be a very stressful time. Our staff are here to help and assist should you wish to personalize your funeral with a Colourful Coffin designed in a theme of your choice, be it a Football coffin, Wicker/Willow Coffin even a Punk Coffin. Our aim is to make your choices affordable as we strive to keep our coffin prices as low as possible.

The average cost of even the most basic, "no frills" funeral has soared to a level which the most cash-strapped families would struggle to afford, according to a survey published by the UK's funeral directors. The survey found that charges by local authorities for cremation and burial have escalated by up to 48% since 2007, far outstripping the rate of inflation, and it is giving some funeral directors a bad name.

The reality of death is, of course, that the content and scale of funerals are generally left to the next of kin or close friends to decide, organise and deliver within days. You may opt for a very simple ceremony or a theatrical "full works" – as in the case of the recent funeral of pop impresario Malcolm McLaren – with a customised coffin carried in a carriage drawn by a team of plumed black horses.

But there is rarely time to "shop around" for the best quote, and whatever funeral directors' boasts about keeping their costs down, many consumers complain that they "fleece the living" at a difficult and stressful time.

At “The Coffin Company” we determine your priorities and values, as well as those of the deceased and your family, and create a funeral that reflects them. Don't include unnecessary elements just because they're expected. Making choices in accordance with the wishes of the deceased may be far less expensive than bowing to custom, tradition or other people's ideas about what's appropriate. “The Coffin Company” will assist you in sorting through the many options.

We encourage you to shop around. Funeral home pricing can vary widely.Remember that you can purchase items "a la carte," and are not obligated to pay for a package deal as this is where we can assist. Ask your local funeral consumer group for low-cost recommendations. They as we are there to help.

Cut costs by thinking outside the box. Immediate burial and direct cremation are usually the least expensive options.

There are more than 570,000 funerals in Britain each year and most of us will be responsible for arranging at least one during our own lifetime. 
You may want a very simple ceremony, or this funeral could be the opportunity to say goodbye in style - perhaps with a beautifully carved coffin, affordable traditional coffin or an eco friendly wicker coffin – you can create a suitable touch of theatre.
Even in death, you can have things done with style!
A study, commissioned by Axa Sun Life Direct, analyses the average cost of a standard burial and cremation in each of the 10 government-defined regions.
The 2008 figures show that the average cost of a funeral in the UK was £2,549, but hit £3,424 in London. Over the past five years, average UK funeral costs have increased by 32.8%.
For a burial, there is the cost of a double-depth grave and clergy fees.
Component costs in the standard funeral include an average £444 fee paid to the crematorium, £142 for doctors' fees needed for cremation. The basic average burial cost is £1,124, with clergy fees for conducting a service typically being about £92.
Additional services that are often used include the death notice, a funeral notice, service order sheets, extra limousine hire, flowers, venue hire and catering at a wake, a memorial or Book of Remembrance and probate - the administration of the estate.
The cost of using all these services would add an average of £4,149 to the funeral bill.
“The Coffin Company” suggests you talk through your checklist and get a price for each part. We discount our coffin prices to give you the best possible value with a large variety of choice at the lowest possible prices. Compare our coffin prices as we always provide incredible value together with outstanding quality and service.
However, don't just take our word for it because savings in excess of £500 to £600 can more often be achieved very easily.

WHY PAY MORE if you don't have too....

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