Farewell Photography

It is our pleasure to display a selection of the Farewell Photography taken by the extremely talented Rachel Wallace.

Rachel entered the darkroom aged about 5 and since then has rarely left it, gaining experience, awards and qualifications over the years.

Much of her work deals with grief, loss and what is no longer there, and her photographs are often emotive dealing with as Michal Douane puts it "not as it looks but how it feels".

Her recent work -"Through a glass, darkly" is a complex subjective piece montaging images and detritus from abandoned residences with text from the French philosopher Roland Barthes 'Camera Lucida' and poetry of Gloria Dawson to exemplify feelings of loss and longing, abandonment and absence of presence.

Rachel can be commissioned for funerals where she works discreetly and sensitively throughout. She is unique in her business Farewell Photography in which she endeavours to demystify and alleviate the grieving process by producing beautiful Memory Books for the bereaved to keep and treasure after the funeral or memorial service.

This is not such an unusual undertaking as people might think as Funeral Photography has been used since Victorian times and is a common practice in USA and the Netherlands.

Rachel's Memory Books enable the bereaved to have something to hold and look at after the event is over when they may be feeling very much "What now?". With photographs taken throughout the service, moments that may have been missed or forgotten in the emotion of the day can be relived helping the bereaved to come to terms with the actuality of their loss and aiding them in their adjustment to this loss.

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