Mission Statement

 We understand that this is a totally new concept and over time, have come to recognise many uncomfortable truths about the industry. Without wishing to be blunt, the truth of the matter is that almost every time a member of the general public organises a funeral through a funeral director, they are not fully awaire of the alternative choices and options available regarding their coffin. The vast majority of people are unaware that it doesn't have to be this way!

We aren't looking to completely revolutionise the funeral industry, we just want to give people more of a choice and hand more control back to them when they are making their necessary funeral arrangements. Many people have the idea that in order to be respectful to their deceased friend or relative, they have to spend a small fortune on their funeral and keep everything as formal as possible - this is not the case. We constantly strive to keep our coffin prices as low as possible helping reduce the cost of Funerals. Indeed, what could be more respectful than giving the one you cared for the funeral THEY would have wanted, and not feeling constrained by budgets, pre-conceived expectations or stale traditions?

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