Memorial CDs and DVDs

A tastefully prepared memorial CD or DVD created with love and care is a wonderful way to capture the essence of a loved one and their life, and preserve a lifetime of memories. And because a CD or DVD prompts memories and gets people thinking about the deceased, it's a valuable tool to help people grieve and heal after the loss of someone special.

It's also surprisingly easy to create, either on your own or using an online service. In fact, the best online funeral planning services should be able to offer a memorial CD/DVD (also known as a memories CD or memories DVD) alongside a full range of online memorial and funeral planning services.

Why store your memories on DVD or CD?

The huge storage capacity of CDs and DVDs makes it easy to bring together a wealth of music, pictures, videos and writing that reflects the interests and unique personality of a loved one. As well as being able to store huge amounts of data, CDS and DVDs are also portable, durable, and easy to access using technology found in most homes. Even if storage technology changes, the equipment required to read the data or transfer it to other electronic media, is still likely to be available in the future.

Make a memorial CD or DVD at home

If you have basic computer skills and access to the appropriate source documents and computer files it's easy to make very simple memorial CDs or DVDs at home. All you need is a computer, a scanner, a CD/DVD burner, the information that you want to store, and a printer to print onto the media and create the CD jewel case label. Bear in mind, however, that a homemade memorial CD might lack the professional touches that a specialist service will provide, including the seamless integration of different multimedia sources.

Making your own CD or memorial DVD could be an emotionally painful task too, a project that not everyone will feel up to doing. However, this could be outweighed by the comfort and support it will give to grieving family and friends, by the way it unites people and by the satisfaction of having created the memorial yourself.

IMPORTANT: The Coffin Company respects the copyright on published and recorded music.

The advantages of using a professional service

Alternatively, many people choose the convenience of using a professional service to commit their memories to DVD or CD. For a modest fee, a reputable service will spare you from this time consuming and maybe painful, task and turn your pictures, audio and notes into a polished finished product ready for you to share with family and friends.

Either way, it's generally recommended that your memorial disk should contain at least the following components:

When created professionally, and with the same care and attention that you would use, an online CD/DVD memorial makes a wonderful gift for family and friends alike - and the perfect way to remember a very special life.

Preserve your wishes and memories for ever

Another advantage of using a professional online CD/DVD service is that your service provider should also offer a range of integrated products to help you capture your wishes and memories.

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