Prices From Only £99.00

At The Coffin Company we believe it is our duty to provide the highest possible quality coffins matched with the lowest possible prices. We have supplied funeral directors our coffin products for some time however feel all the savings should be passed on directly to the public especially when in most cases people are grieving and at their most vulnerable moment.

We would never wish or condone anyone to be exploited in their time of need as our products are always low on price for one reason alone – FAIRNESS.

Our craftsmen have over 40 years experience in making some of the finest coffins in the UK. You are quite welcome to visit us and see for yourself.

For Example.
Our beautiful Wicker Coffins are priced from only £155
– A fraction of the prices offered by some Funeral Directors. Why, because we pass that HUGE saving quite rightfully on to you.

Place your trust in The Coffin Company as we are fair, honest and fully transparent. We are open about our prices and ask you to support the company driving down the price of funerals.

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